In honor of the New Year, are you ready for a few 2020 predictions and the inside scoop about what’s buzzing in the Bee Cave and Lake Travis communities? 

Before we jump in, I have to say one of the things I love about Keller Williams is how hard they work to keep their agents informed about what’s happening in our local communities and what our homeowners and potential homebuyers need to know. This is especially helpful in the Bee Cave/Lake Travis area since there is so much growth, both residential and commercial. 

In our November 2019 team meeting, we got to listen to Mayor Monty Parker chat about what might be in the works for Bee Cave and it was terrific insight–as well as exciting!

Costco coming to Bee Cave, TX?

Let’s start with Costco. That’s right! There’s a good chance Costco is headed to Bee Cave. They’re deep in discussions about it and it looks promising. They’ve got land tract in mind that will work–keep traffic to a minimum and follow the “dark skies” rules as to not disrupt nearby homes and neighborhoods. Plus, the Sam’s brand likes small signage, so it won’t be obnoxious. Added bonus!

Hamilton Pool Road cut through

Of course, traffic was a big part of the discussion, including lots of questions about bad will it be on Ranch Road 620 or Highway 71 in the year 2025. The answer is simple. No, it won’t be much better. But hopefully, it won’t be worse. Improvements will be made to make it safer and handle more congestion, but there will always be traffic. That’s just how it goes. 

You can check out news from City of Lakeway about road widening updates near Bella Montagna planned for Summer 2020.

We did hear about potential changes coming to Hamilton Pool Road specifically, that will make that intersection safer and easier. The road will be re-routed between Field of Dreams and the land owned by the city (Bee Cave) so it loops out and comes back to Highway 71, making it easier to go to Great Divide or Spanish Oaks. Another cu through might be a new road behind Target that ties to Willie Way and Spanish Oaks.

Is Buc-ee’s headed to Lake Travis?

Another potential and beloved Texas business that might be coming to the Lake Travis area is Buc-ee’s! Squeee! Everyone’s favorite cleanest-bathrooms-ever-and-yummy-snacks roadside stop.

The co-founders of Buc-ee’s love this part of Texas and really want to be in this area. Buc-ee’s is expanding like crazy. In fact, they have stores out-of-state that are doing better than the one in New Braunfels. Hard to believe, right? We don’t know where Buc-ee’s would be located, but it will probably be a scaled down version of what’s on the major highways. Perhaps even a “new concept” Buc-ee’s?

I’d love to see it on Hwy 71, to give Serene Hills and Spicewood neighborhoods another gas station with delish, home-cooked food on-the-go. 

Again, nothing has been solidified, but I think it’s exciting to know the details.

Who would you be most excited to see in our community? Costco or Buc-ee’s?