I’m excited to partner with Homeward to offer a unique home-buying experience to my clients. Homeward removes the hassle, stress and uncertainty so you can secure the home of your dreams in Austin’s competitive real estate market. Get the home you want without the stress of selling first!

It’s a fresh, new concept for buying a home that makes so much sense. It streamlines the buying process, so you don’t have to sell your home first. It happens to everyone at some point, right? You find the home of your dreams and want to buy it ASAP before it’s gone. Let’s be honest, homes in Austin, Texas and the surrounding Texas Hill Country sell fast — I’ve sold many since March 2020 within 48-72 hours of listing it!

So you find the home you want, but you need to sell your house first to free up the cash to buy a new home. It’s a stressful, yet normal part of the home-buying process. Or, at least it used to be. With Homeward, you can actually bypass the step where you have to sell your home first.

That means you can make a winning, all-cash offer and secure your next home without the risks of selling first. It’s genius! If you’re interested in buying, selling or purchasing an investment property, please drop me a note or call! I’d love to chat with you and discuss your goals as a homeowner!

Amber Hart, Realtor
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