Behind the mysterious, lavish, wooden doors in the Hill Country Galleria exists a showroom of truly unique inspiration. This is where you will find Zoltan David, an award-winning jeweler in Lake Travis known for his fine jewelry. From Bespoke to Bridal to Knightsteel, Zoltan David is a true innovator and creator. Today on Amber Hart Homes, I’m going to introduce you to an extraordinary who inspires our Austin community.

Fleeing Persecution to Find Inspiration

What you might not know about Zoltan David is his courageous personal story. Born in Hungary, Zoltan and his family were forced to escape persecution. They fled Hungary to find refuge in Austria, then in Italy. Despite the chaotic and dangerous travel in Europe, Zoltan found his way to creative expression through jewelry. His journey proved to be a cathartic one.

He honed his skills as a goldsmith and diamond setter under the mentorship of accomplished German and Swiss masters, a testament to his dedication to mastering his craft. Then his journey in the world of fine jewelry began in 1980 when he founded Zoltan David Precious Metal Art, a venture dedicated to creating exquisite pieces of jewelry that exemplify his unique craftsmanship and artistry.

Zoltan’s Contributions to the World of Jewelry

Zoltan David’s contributions to the world of jewelry design began in 1988, when he was bestowed with knighthood by the Hungarian nation as a tribute to the legacy of his father, Zoltan David I. Another groundbreaking achievement occurred in November 2003 when he was granted a patent from the United States Patent Office (USPO). This patent recognized his inventive inlay technique, which he initially developed in 2000.

His technique allowed for the creation of durable, three-dimensional raised patterns in precious metals, including striking combinations like platinum inlaid with gold. Additionally, he holds a patent for his ingenious ‘Dangelier’ design, a versatile concept for convertible hoop earrings that can be disassembled and worn in three distinct styles. He was also among the pioneers in the art of embellishing the metal beneath gemstones in rings, though he did not patent this particular technique.

An Artisan Beyond Jewelry

In an intriguing departure from the world of jewelry, Zoltan David collaborated with acclaimed guitarist Lance Keltner to co-design a guitar slide, which, as of 2012, was awaiting patent approval, marking his innovative spirit beyond the realm of jewelry design. In 2012, Zoltan David extended his creative prowess into the realm of leather goods, introducing a line of designer belts. These exquisite leather creations reflect his unwavering commitment to artistic expression.

Your 5-Star Jeweler in Lake Travis

It’s amazing that Zoltan David is located right here in the Lake Travis area in our own backyard! His showroom in the Hill Country Galleria is behind the intricate, hard-to-miss doors at 12901 Hill Country Blvd., Suite D-1-120, Austin, TX 78738. If you live in Lakeway, Bee Cave or Austin, and you’re looking for truly unique fine jewelry, I highly recommend him. In September, I had the opportunity to sit down with Zoltan David for a feature on The Hart of Lake Travis, so if you’d like to learn more about this wonderful artist, I invite you to join me on socials: Instagram @TheHartofLakeTravis | Facebook @TheHartofLakeTravis

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